Ridge Point High School – Art I – 2013-2014

Dear Art I Students, Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Art I at RidgePointHigh School. We are excited to be your art teachers for the 2013-2014 school year.

We will go over the information below in class, and the student will need to return the attached sheet signed by them and their Parent/Guardian acknowledging that they have read and accepted the art room rules and procedures.  This receipt form will be due by August 30th.

You will be able to find this information and keep updated on class happenings on our website,  Due Dates will be found on Skyward Family Access.

We look forward to having a wonderful year with you in Art I.


Rebecca Root, Lysa Huckaby and Melissa Hall

Rules and Procedures

In addition to the Ridge Point High School Rules, the following rules and policies will be in effect at all times.


Students will show respect at all times. This includes respect for other students and their differences, other student’s projects, for the art room, art supplies, and the teacher. Students will be expected to clean up after themselves. This includes cleaning the desk, properly cleaning equipment, putting away your project and supplies, and placing all trash in the trashcan. Students are not to play basketball with the trash and trashcan.


We will follow the RPHS tardy policy and the door will be shut and locked when the tardy bell rings. Students will then need to report to the sweep station before they will be allowed to enter class. You will not be given additional class time to work on your artwork if you are tardy; you will need to stay for tutorials or work on a project at home if you fall behind due to tardiness.  In addition, if you fail to clean up when instructions are given you will not be given a pass to your following class.


It is expected that students will be respectful and not talk to anyone when the teacher is giving instructions or talking to the class. Students will also be expected not to talk if another student has been called upon to address the class. If you have questions pertaining to the topic, the proper way to find the answer is to raise your hand or respectfully ask the question without interrupting the speaker.

After instructions are given and work has started, students may talk quietly and respectfully to the students sitting near them while working on their current assignment. If students become too loud, disturb the class flow, or are off task, the talking privilege may be revoked for some or all students.

Moving Around the Room

There are five acceptable reasons to be out of your seat in the art room:

• To retrieve or put away a project

• To sharpen a pencil

• To get or put away supplies

• To clean up

• To wash hands

Getting out of your seat repeatedly to go visit someone or engaging in any activity that results in being off task will result in a disciplinary consequence. Students will show respect to other students and the teacher by remaining in their seats while the teacher is talking or giving instructions.

Working/Turning in Assignments

You are expected to be on task at all times. You are required to have a pencil, eraser and sketchbook with you in class everyday. If you get behind, for whatever reason, you must find time after school or at home to complete your art assignment. For every excused absence day you will receive one extra day to turn in the assignment. If we have moved on to another assignment, it is expected that you finish you incomplete assignment at home or after school.


Tutorials for Art will be offered on Thursdays of each week from 2:30-3:30 unless otherwise posted. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation home. Near the end of the grading period or deadlines for contests there will be additional tutorial days depending upon the teacher’s schedule. Students unable to attend tutorials due to conflicts will need to make an appointment for an alternate tutorial time.

Late Work

All assignments are due on the due date. Assignments turned in late will be graded as follows:

Daily Grades – 1st day late=maximum of a 70, 2nd day late=maximum of a 50.

Major Grades – 1st day late=maximum of a 75, 2nd day late=maximum of a 60, 3rd   day late=maximum of a 50.

Extra Credit

Students may earn extra credit for each nine weeks by completing the following:

Attend any art museum in Houston or another art related activity. The student must turn in a typed one page single spaced report along with the ticket stub.

Extra credit may be received once per nine weeks.  Extra Credit will not be applied to major grades.

Art Fee

There is a $50 art fee to cover the supplies each student will be given throughout the year, including clay and glazes. If there is a financial difficulty with this fee, the parent or guardian must contact the art teacher by email, written note or phone call.

Students may keep their supplies in their assigned tray in the art room, but they are not locked. Students should not keep expensive supplies that they have purchased on their own in their tray. RPHS will not be responsible for lost or misplaced sketchbooks or supplies.


Sketchbook assignments will be given on Wednesdays and will be due the following Tuesday. Since the students have a full week to draw the sketch and this is a weekly assignment, sketches are due at the beginning of class on the due date, no exceptions. If a student is absent on the due date the sketch is due the day they return. No additional days will be given unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Sketches must be in the sketchbook and must have the due date written on them. Sketches are homework. They may be done at home or in class when the student has a few minutes of extra time. Any student who works on a sketch in class the day it is due can only receive a 70 as the highest grade. Sketchbook assignments will be posted on the RPHS Art website,, and it is the student’s responsibility to check if they are absent when the assignment is given in class.

Restroom Passes

Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class. Students are expected to take care of their needs during the passing period. If there is an emergency, the student will need to ask for a pass. If a student repeatedly asks to use the restroom, a conference will be requested as repeated restroom use will interfere with completing their artwork.


Eating and drinking is not permitted in the art room at any time. This includes snacks, candy, and water.

End of Year Art Show

There will be an end of year art show and students will be required to display 2 pieces of work from the year. Each student will be responsible for setting up their artwork on the day of the show, May 16th.  Students who do not attend the show will have an alternate assignment.


There will be opportunities for students to enter contests while in Art I.  We strongly encourage students to participate in the Visual Art Scholastic Event in February.  More information will be given out in class.


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