Artist Research Presentations

For this assignment I had students choose an artist to complete a report. The students conducted their own research over the course of a few days and put together a Prezi to present to the class. The assignment was to provide the audience with a unique history of their chosen artist. To complete this, students completed a digital storytelling about the lives of their artist. In the provided example the student conducted research over Vincent Van Gogh. This student’s approach to the assignment was to explain the history of the artist in response to, “If you could have lunch with any artist from history, who would it be and why?”

This example provides the student to understand the history of the artist and begin to hypothesize answers to their proposed questions. The student is required to use the program Audacity to record their sound. The student will then take the audio and insert it into their presentation. The audio should go along with the content on the Prezi. The student may choose to play background music or cut up the audio to link it to the provided paths. This example involves the student cutting the audio to insert on the paths. The student should also provide a reference slide at the end of the presentation. Prezi does not allow for manipulation of text. With that said, the references should be as close to APA format as the program allows. The most important aspect of this lesson is that the student tell a story utilizing audacity and Prezi.

At the end of the lesson the student will present the Prezi to the class. This should be a fun and creative presentation for both the student and the class.


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