Art and History Post-Lesson Interview

Under our History and Art unit, students chose a time period in art history to study. The goal of this unit was to have students explore the relationship between history and art. It included three different lessons. The students compiled their learning artifacts from each lesson and presented the learning at the completion of the entire unit.

The first lesson in this unit included researching a time period in art history. Students were allowed to work alone or in partners and study their chosen period of art. The research included two parts: 1) the art during that time, including artists and artworks, and 2) what is happening in history around the world. They then reflected upon the art from this time and related it to happenings in society. Students were then to compile their research and organize their ideas.

The second lesson of this unit incorporated creating an artwork to accompany their presentation. Students were allowed to choose the media and subject of their artwork. However, the media and subject MUST reflect the artwork produced during their chosen art period.

The third part of this unit involved compiling, organizing, and creating a presentation that reflected their learning on the research project. Students were allowed to choose how they wanted to present their research; some chose PowerPoint presentations, some chose to work with Prezi, and some chose to use posters. Students also presented their completed artwork and described how their artwork is an example of art from this period.

After completion of the unit, students were asked to complete one final assignment; an audio recording. Students interviewed each other regarding their research project and what they learned. During the class period we brainstormed a variety of questions to ask during the interview. Students were allowed to choose from these questions and/or use their own. Students used the computer program, Audacity, to record their responses. We presented these interviews on the final day of the unit plan as a summary reflection. The students really enjoyed using technology in these interviews compared to completing a discussion in the classroom.

Attached is an example of a student interview. (Because I am not yet a teacher it is just an example of what a student could do.)


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