Splatter Paintings!

This was one of my favorite lessons thus far for both the students, and me! We began by studying the artist, Jackson Pollock. We watched a biography about his life and discussed how it played a role in his artworks. He is known for his splatter paintings so as an activity, we created our own splatter paintings with a twist. Rather than splattering paint onto the campus using paintbrushes, we put paint into water balloons, attached the balloons on a canvas, and threw darts at the balloons to make the splatters! The most difficult part was figuring out how to get the paint into the water balloons. (It is more difficult than you would think!) Through experimentation we figured out the best way for all of us and shockingly we kept most of the paint off of ourselves! It was a fun learning activity for everyone. Below are some pictures from the lesson.


july 2013 082


july 2013 083

The collection of students’ completed splatter paintings.

video teach 004


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